Investa Club Investing Smart

Are you seeking to make three percent return average every month on investment returns?  Do you need a network of businesses that will pay you three percent or more monthly to borrow your money?

Then Investa Club is for you.

Investa Club is a time-tested and rewarding investment platform that will give you a chance to start earning high return on your money.

Investa Club is not a stock broking firm. They neither invest in the volatile stock markets nor shares. Investa Club pool their members funds together and provide business loans to companies earning their members an average 3% monthly return. They seek to lend to well-positioned companies with strategic improvement potential which create value by driving revenue and earnings growth..

Investa Club is an investment club. An investment club consists of people who contribute funds to make investments.  At the heart of Investa Club, is a less intimidating and friendly community.

The key sectors that Investa Club loan or invest in are, Real Estate which includes Residential, Commercial and Income, Retail, Financial and banking.

With an amount as little as $500, you will not only make much more interest monthly, you will also have the additional benefit of access to investor portal to see who’s borrowing your money, knowing how much interest is charged,  and the particular time payments are due and are made, all in a transparent manner.

When you invest in Investa Club, you have the opportunity to choose any two of their membership options:

  1. Investor Member :

Investor-Members have a front row seat to earning the sum of three percent return monthly.  They give their money to Investa Club to Invest for them. They could be anyone: Individuals, cooperative society.

  1. Borrowing-Members:

Borrowing-Members are usually companies wishing to loan funds from Investa-Club to support different projects they may have. Interests are charged to this set of members. Membership is also free. Borrowing-Members of Investa-club can range from small businesses, start-up firms to large real estate establishment and banking firm.

For more information or enquiries, they are available 24/7 by phone or visit their website at to download a free informational brochure. Their representatives are always available for a free no-obligation meeting at their office or in the comfort of your home, depending on where you live.

Banks basically make money by lending your money at rates higher than the cost of the money they lend. More specifically, banks collect interest on loans and interest payments from the debt they own, and pay low interest on deposits and CDs which you the account holder own.

Investa Club has taken the banking industry system an adapted it to fit their member’s needs. Investa Club pool their member’s funds together and provide business loans to companies earning their members an average 3% monthly return. Everything that is done at Investa Club is transparent Investor-Members can see how much and where the funds from their accounts have been invested. Your bank and 401k provider has been doing this for years, the only difference is.

At Investa Club you get to see who’s borrowing your money, how much interest is charged, when payments are due and when payments are made.